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The Smile Today Solution with dental implants brings you a natural, permanent smile to regain confidence and self-esteem with the healthy and beautiful smile that you deserve — and everything that goes with it:

Selfies with friends and family.
Enjoying the foods you’ve been missing.
Laughing at a joke.
Singing a song.
Renewed self-confidence.

When you’re taking care of a family or taking care of business, sometimes it’s easy to overlook the person looking back at you in the mirror—whether that means skipping regular dental care, hiding your smile because of missing or failing teeth, or putting up with uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures for far too long.

Why Choose Smile Today?

As part of ZimVie, Smile Today is supported by a global network of clinician partnerships, as well as one of the largest and most comprehensive clinical dental implant education programs in the world.

If you choose Smile Today, highly trained technicians will create a new smile specifically for you, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable result that you’ll be proud to show off.

Every Smile Today treatment reflects the most advanced implant and prosthetic technology available—based on more than two decades of experience and innovation in the science and art of creating beautiful functional smiles for patients all over the world.

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