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YES! Smile Today is designed to provide you with natural, fixed teeth in just one day. Over the course of thousands of Smile Today procedures the majority of patients have been able to walk away with a brand new smile just hours later. Since your Smile Today experience will reflect your unique needs and circumstances, your initial consultation with your provider is crucial in determining what is right for you.

With Smile Today, a complete set of upper or lower teeth are attached to a series of medical grade titanium implants which are anchored into the existing bone in your mouth. These implants provide a firm foundation for your new smile that’s far superior to traditional dentures:

Natural teeth
Stronger bite
No trapped
food odors
No messy adhesives
No painful
mouth sores

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Your Path to a New Smile

If it is determined that Smile Today is right for you, the process of getting a new smile is simple:


Your doctor will assess your oral health and implant needs.

Whether you are missing some or all of your teeth and are wearing partial dentures, full dentures, or a bridge, your provider will determine – based on bone volume and other oral health factors – the best treatment for you.


Implants will be surgically inserted into the bone under local anesthesia, with a temporary smile installed on the same day.

The beautiful new smile that your doctor puts in at this stage is temporary and is designed to last while the implants heal. It will be replaced with a permanent, unique-to-you smile later on.


After a few months of healing, you will return for a series of appointments to assess how well your implants have healed and fit you for a picture-perfect permanent smile.

Highly trained technicians will create a new smile that’s a perfect fit for your mouth. It will be fixed to the implants with a series of small screws that enable your provider to remove it should the need arise. Once installed, the screws are covered and will be invisible to the eye.

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