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Dental implants are considered the standard of care for the replacement of teeth that are missing, badly decayed, or broken. Implants bond with your own natural bone, providing lasting support for a healthy smile—whether you need a few crowns, a bridge, or even a full set of teeth.

Dental implants are considered the gold standard for tooth replacement and are far superior to traditional removeable dentures. With Smile Today, you are investing in a lifetime of improved appearance and dental function—not to mention self-confidence.

When we talk about Smile Today dental implants, we’re referring to a tooth replacement technology that has three parts: implants, abutments, and crowns.

An implant is a small post made from metal or ceramic that is biocompatible, meaning the material is easily accepted by the surrounding tissue.

Smile Today implants are made of titanium and look similar to a screw. These are surgically inserted in the jawbone, typically under local aesthetic, as the first step in the tooth replacement process. Once inserted, these implants start to bond with the jawbone, allowing them to function as a substitute for a natural tooth root. This structure creates a base that provides support for natural-looking replacement teeth.

An abutment connects the implant that’s inserted in the jaw with the tooth or teeth that form your new smile. An abutment is placed on top of the dental implant.

A crown is a replacement tooth. When you choose Smile Today, a set of crowns will be custom made by experts to match the look, shape, and fit of your other natural teeth. These crowns are installed on the abutment in the last phase of the replacement process.

Unlike dental implants, which are implanted in and bond with your natural bone, dentures merely sit on top of your gums and put stress on the surrounding teeth.

When you lose teeth, your smile isn’t the only thing that is affected. You will also notice changes in your face shape as your jawbone begins to shrink. Conventional dentures will not fix this problem and instead speed up bone loss in the jaw, which can result in loose-fitting dentures that may interfere with day-to-day activities.

It is now standard practice for dentists to recommend implants over outdated solutions for replacing missing teeth such as dentures and other removeable/temporary dental appliances. Unlike these older options, dental implants look like your own teeth, do not require a dentist to grind your other adjacent teeth, and help prevent bone loss that occurs when a tooth’s root is missing. More advantages of dental implants over other options include:

  • Preservation of your facial structure and shape. Dental implants anchor directly into your bone, distributing chewing forces to your jawbone like healthy teeth. This helps keep your jaw strong and preserves the structure of your face. In contrast, prolonged denture use can lead to “denture jaw,” where the jawbone is degraded and the lower half of the face begins to change shape.
  • Integration with your own bone structure. Unlike a denture, which is an external prosthetic device that requires its own maintenance and regular replacement, a dental implant is implanted within your bone itself. During the healing process, implants merge with your bone and act like a natural tooth root.
  • Restoration and maintenance of your smile. Dental implants bring both functional and cosmetic advantages. Smile Today experts custom design each smile using the latest technologies, creating a beautiful result that looks like a natural smile. Maintaining your new look is as simple as following good oral hygiene practices and brushing your teeth. Older options, like dentures, can’t match the aesthetic advantages and easy care of implants. 

Renewed confidence when eating, socializing, and smiling. Dental implants don’t just look natural—they feel natural, too. The shaking, slipping, and clicking of dentures can make you feel self-conscious while talking or eating. Implants stay firmly in place like your natural teeth, allowing you to eat an apple, tell a joke, and smile with confidence

If you are an adult and have lost most or all of your natural teeth, have previous dental work that is failing, or are currently wearing a full upper or lower denture, you may be a great candidate for Smile Today.

The best way to know whether you are a good candidate for dental implants is to consult with a qualified Smile Today provider. They will assess your overall dental health and unique needs to give you a fuller picture of your options.

Smile Today implants are surgically inserted into the bone under local anesthesia. Typically, Smile Today patients experience minimal to no discomfort during the procedure.

The Smile Today dental implant procedure is a multi-step process that requires multiple visits to your provider. First, your provider will assess your oral health and implant needs, which will involve asking you about your history, completing a dental exam, and discussing the treatment plans that may be right for you. No two patients will have the exact same treatment plan because no two people have the same medical history and dental health.

Insertion of the dental implant(s) comes next. This stage involves surgically inserting the implants into your jawbone, which is done under local anesthesia. Healing time is necessary before moving onto the next stage. With Smile Today, you’ll walk out the same day with a new, temporary smile so you can feel confident from day one.

It’s common for patients who get Smile Today implants to go back to work within one or two days. Your provider may have different directions for you based on your unique situation. If you experience discomfort, your provider may prescribe medication to help.
With Smile Today, patients receive a beautiful new smile on the same day as the implant procedure. This natural-looking smile will last until you receive your custom-fit and custom-crafted smile after the healing process is over.

For most people, maintaining your new smile is as simple as keeping regular dental cleaning and checkup appointments and brushing your teeth. Your provider will give you specific instructions for care and maintenance that address your unique situation.

Dental implants are designed to be a long-lasting solution to tooth loss. They can last for many years—even decades—if cared for properly. However, not all dental implant solutions are created equal. Treatments without the backing of a respected implant manufacturer may be hard to maintain, repair, or replace in case of issues later on. They may not provide the same levels of quality or cosmetic appearance. Smile Today implants come from a leading dental implant manufacturer and innovator that’s been trusted by professionals all over the world for decades.
Reputable dentists have been performing modern dental implant procedures since the mid-1900s and dental implant technology continues to evolve and improve. Today, dental implant surgery is considered one of the most safe and predictable dental procedures when performed by a trained and experienced dentist.

While no procedure is risk-free, rest assured that Smile Today implants are a safe option for replacing missing or damaged teeth.

It’s important to follow the directions that your provider gives you for caring for your Smile Today dental implants. Your provider will create a care plan that is unique to you and give you advice on effective cleaning techniques.

As is the case with natural teeth, dental tartar buildup can cause problems for your implants. Being consistent and proactive with your oral care routine can help prevent these issues. Here are some general tips:

  1. Brush teeth twice daily with a soft toothbrush or a soft-bristled electric toothbrush. Remember to replace your toothbrush or electric brush head at recommended intervals.
  2. Brush teeth on the inside, outside, and top surfaces where chewing occurs for at least 2 minutes.
  3. Consistently use additional cleaning aids – such as irrigation devices or interdental brushes – if advised by your dental team.
  4. Follow your dental team’s instructions for any special cleaning and flossing techniques.
  5. Attend regular checkups at your dentist for preventative health.
Smile Today dental implant procedures have an extremely high success rate—around 99%. The success of your Smile Today procedure will depend on your unique situation. Your provider can help you understand whether you are a good candidate.
With Smile Today, you can get a new smile in a single day. Instead of unsteady dentures, you’ll be able to benefit from implant-anchored teeth that look—and feel—like natural teeth. Whether you choose an implant procedure that’s all-on-4*, five, or six, there are treatment options to suit your unique needs.

Other conventional crown and bridge solutions exist that may replace or repair the same number of teeth, but the process is much lengthier – and costs much more – than a Smile Today procedure. You’re left with less money and more time waiting for the smile you deserve.

Dentures are less expensive than a Smile Today implant procedure, but the money saved up front should be weighed against the negative impact they may have on your gums, other teeth, and jawbone. Plus, dentures require purchase of adhesives and other accessories for cleaning, maintenance, and storage, and should be replaced every five years. In contrast, a new smile with Smile Today is designed to be permanent.

* All-on-4 is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare.

Many dental implant providers advertise “all-on-4” implant procedures as an option for replacing missing teeth and an alternative to full dentures. But what does this mean?

The term all-on-4 describes implant surgery that places a whole mouthful of teeth on four carefully spaced dental implants. The technique is intended to quickly restore a normal, functional smile to patients who have no or few teeth, or who have severely decayed, damaged, or broken teeth due to dental disease.

Essentially, all-on-4 is a procedure that entails putting all of your new teeth on four implants. The implant portion of an all-on-4 procedure with Smile Today should only take a single day, with a new temporary smile put on right away that will last until you’ve healed and received your custom-crafted smile. Talk to your Smile Today provider to see if you are a good candidate for an all-on-4 procedure.

* All-on-4 is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare.

Costs and coverage vary based on the provider you select and your own dental and/or health plan(s). Your provider can help you determine whether your procedure is covered. While the Smile Today procedure is covered for many people, there may be options for payment if you do not have insurance coverage. It’s common for dental offices to offer easy installment plans or other financing that make it simpler and more affordable to get a new smile.

Ultimately, the decision to get dental implants with Smile Today is an investment in your health and well-being. With the confidence of a permanent, beautiful, strong smile, you can expect an enhanced quality of life. And because dental implants defend against further bone loss and preserve your facial structure, you’ll reap the dental health benefits as well.

When replacing missing teeth, dental implants are the only option that look and feel like your natural teeth. They are implanted directly into your jawbone and help to keep the bones and muscles of your face healthy, preserving your facial shape and structure.

Other tooth replacement options, such as flippers, dentures, or bridges, put stress on your surrounding teeth and/or gums. Because they are not implanted in the bone, they may move, click, or slip during normal activities. They do not provide the same stability and bite force as an implant. Your dental provider can help you understand which tooth replacement options are right for you.

A missing tooth is not just a cosmetic issue. When you lose a tooth and do not replace it, the bone supporting that tooth no longer receives stimulation from chewing and biting forces and will start to erode. This effect can damage support for the surrounding teeth, leading to further damage and tooth loss.

Choosing to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant can stop this process from progressing. While the Smile Today procedure is a multi-phase process that can take a few months, the actual installation of an implant and temporary new tooth can be done in a single day.

Complications, while uncommon, can occur during and after surgery. Some complications include, but are not limited to, infection, blood clots, implant failure, and nerve injury, any of which can require additional surgery.

Although dental implant surgery is extremely successful in 99.8% of cases, some patients will still experience pain. Factors such as a patient’s post-surgery activity can affect the longevity of a dental implant. Please be sure to discuss these and other risks with your doctor.

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